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06 September 2011 @ 01:16 am
The memory crown  
AN: A huge thanks to my beta cincoflex, without whose help this would not be half as well written ... not that it is all that well written, but her input and helpful, friendly advice have been of great support. You're the best cinco!


Pairing: Tony/Pepper
Rated: 15 - to be on the safe side
Summary: Tony, like so many others, understood that they had contributed to create perhaps the greatest weapon of mass destruction man could ever hope to make. If the fabrics holding the realities together should somehow rip and begin to tear, the whole framework would eventually unravel. Too much was at stake. It had to be destroyed. And so the great conspiracy began.
Banner by: 
vespertinesoul (me)

Posted for:
its always been challenge 08
Prompts used: #9, #12(kinda)

(Read the fic here)

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