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Title: Afters
Author: pukajen
Paring: Tony/Pepper
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 8,557
Spoilers: The Avengers
Disclaimer: None of the characters or worlds, in any incarnation, belong to me.
Author's Note I: Written for challenge 14 over on its_always_been. Instead of one story with three cities, I chose to write three stories, they'll be very loosely related, but are completely readable as standalones. For this story I used New York and Montreal.
Author's Note II: Thanks, as always, to the amazing soundingsea. You guys should see the sheer number of *;pages* she turned around last weekend, and that was on top of it being her birthday.

Summary: The need to be alone with her, without the skeletons of a half-destroyed city, the broken bones of buildings and scorched overpasses a reminder at every turn of how close they came to losing, is powerful and more than a little selfish.

You can read it over on AO3

Or on my lj
Tags: author: pukajen, challenge 14
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