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12 November 2010 @ 01:05 pm
RULES AND GUIDELINES - please read them  
These are a few basic rules for the community.

  1. All stories must relate to Pepper Potts and Tony Stark.
  2. One challenge will be posted every month, with several prompts. You may use as many prompts as you like and post as many stories as you want in the same challenge.
  3. All ratings are allowed, from G to NC-17.
  4. Fics should be a minimum of 300 words, and can be any genre or type of fanfiction.
  5. Please give warnings for any spoilers, intense scenes, or anything not work safe. And rate it accordingly so that people don’t get themselves into something they don’t want to.
  6. Please make sure that you've used appropriate grammar, spelling and punctuation. English-as-a-second/third-language is not an excuse. There are spelling/grammar checkers everywhere on the Internet, or you can simply request someone to proofread.
  7. Keep feedback civil and try to be constructive with criticism.
  8. New rules may be added at any time.

Feel free to post here or PM a moderator if you have any additional questions.
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